Katy Commercial Cleaning

Do you want to know what is one of the first things people can notice about a new building they walk into? The floors, that’s right, the floors are one of the most noticeable things because people tend to look down when they walk. With Bright & Smart, it’s different…

How We Do Clean Floors Effectively

Well here at Bright & Smart, we offer floor cleanings in Katy as a top-tier service. Whether you have wooden, concrete, or carpet floors, we can clean it all. Our prices are unmatched and our work is second to none in Texas. Other floor cleaning companies in Katy want to charge hidden fees for chemicals an not tell you upfront. We like to be transparent and tell you during our consultation call exactly what you’ll need. We have all the equipment and chemicals to have your floor looking spotless again. It will make your business or building really improve its image guaranteed. Our technicians are all experts in their field and know the most advanced techniques to disinfect and leave your floor looking brand new.


How Floor Stripping & Waxing Ought To Be Done in Katy

Proper maintenance is also recommended to keep your facility looking professional all year round. We do floor buffing and waxing without leaving any marks or spots, just look at our past work. Our clients are happy to have every square foot of their floors regularly cleaned. The main areas of buildings that need the most tender loving care are obviously where there is the most foot traffic. We operate at times where we’re able to not disturb you or any work operations. We do it in a way to really surpass your expectations.

Our areas of service are all over Katy, including Sugarland, Pasadena, Richmond, Cypress, Humble, and Conroe just to name a few. We can clean large buildings with multiple floors and residential homes, any type of floors. Our clients consist of schools, healthcare buildings, and clinics, office buildings, residential homes, apartments, condos, you name it.

Let’s get an appointment booked so you can see exactly how clean and spotless your floors will look after. We are affordable and highly efficient at our work. Give us a call for Katy commercial cleaning at (281) 702-8127